Filmmakers in Residence

Launched by the GSARA’s Atelier du Cinéma (Filmmaking Workshop) and the CVB’s Atelier de Production (Production Workshop), Conversation is a one-year residency based on exchanges between two artists. It serves as a support mechanism for filmmakers, focusing on the challenges of documentary filmmaking, writing and types/variations.

The lead-in for the residency is ‘What is filmmaking?’, which gives rise to in-depth questioning of the everyday practices of two auteurs whose approaches are worth exploring. It is an invitation to listen together, create a dialogue between two different universes and exchange images, sounds, texts and any other media that can express how reality is experienced by the filmmakers. The residency does not take place in a given location, unless the two artists decide they want to create a common space for it.

Conversation is marked by three public events in the shape of exhibitions, programmes, conferences or performances.

The end of the residency is marked by a publication which is both an original work jointly presented by the two filmmakers and a record of the thought generated throughout their one-year residency.

By combining their efforts for this project, the GSARA and the CVB want to offer residents a fertile and stimulating space to practise, experiment and think their way through filmmaking.

Conversation #1 - 2016 - in collaboration with the contemporary art institute ISELP

Olivier Dekegel & Emmanuel Van der Auwera
Étapes, Édition, Visuels

Conversation #2 - 2017 - in collaboration with the Maison d’Art Actuel des Chartreux (MAAC)

Nina de Vroome & Khristine Gillard
Étapes, Édition, Visuels

Conversation #3 - 2018 - in collaboration with the graphic design school ERG

Peter Snowdon & Laure Cottin-Stefanelli
Étapes, Édition, Visuels

Conversation #4 - 2019 - in collaboration with the Buersschouwburg arts centre

Eva Giolo & Rebecca Jane Arthur
Projet, Biographies, Visuels