Building practices, sharing and transmitting knowledge, keeping track like trees planted in the orchard of our common future.

Collective films - The process

The making of collective films draws on collective and participatory dynamics and on constantly evolving work processes.

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Film as a tool - The process

The work ethic behind the making of our films as tools is based on the partners and the CVB working together through all stages, from sharing thoughts and ideas to content and form, to guarantee the end quality of the project and i

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In collaboration with the Ligue de l'Enseignement et de l'Éducation Permanente (a Belgian not-for-profit organisation for continuing education), the CVB organises video coordinator training for jobseekers.

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À travers « Les éditions du CVB », à travers nos propres écrits, la rédaction d'articles parus dans différentes publications et autres articles divers, le travail de l'écrit vient compléter et commente

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