ça s’débat

Getting out from between and tear down social, cultural and geographical barriers – this project aims to help people do just that. Using film as a starting point, people from all walks of life are invited to debate in a participatory and captivating way.

‘When you think about it, it’s very worrying to realise that living together is the core of the problem today, despite the fact that there’s nothing more natural than being together with others, living with them, working and talking with them and so on.’

‘It’s not always easy to “live happily together”. When and where do we take the time to talk about what we expect from each other and what “being a society” means today? When and where do we try to analyse and describe what our mutual codes, norms and values are?

The CVB is convinced that citizens from different cultures, language backgrounds, ages, genders, schools of thought, social origins and sympathies who meet and exchange ideas are the key to understanding our society, are the basis for a dialogue that respects our differences and encourage active citizenship. Debate is the main tool for expressing this citizenship we share, or in other words the fact we belong and contribute to the same political community. In collaboration with Libération Films, the CVB offers to use film as a springboard for debating with the Other about the societal questions which concern them and for reclaiming a space for speaking and acting that is often reserved for specialists of all kinds and politicians.

Are you an association working on the ground or a cultural institution? Do you want to organise a public debate? Do you want to turn your living room into a debating lounge for a brief moment?

ÇA S'DÉBAT (let’s talk about it) aims to break down barriers by offering two types of debate:

ÇA S’DÉBAT PRÈS DE CHEZ VOUS (let’s talk about it near you)
You will regularly be invited to debating sessions with people from all walks of life on the social, cultural and artistic challenges linked to living together. Films will be proposed to get the debate underway.

ÇA S’DÉBAT CHEZ MOI (let’s talk about it at mine)
Invite a few neighbours and friends, choose a debate topic and a film and turn your living room into a space for new encounters and discussion for a mealtime, afternoon, or evening.