This day won't last

Mouaad el Salem
2020 26'


Authentic and raw, This day won’t last is a diary film meditating on longing for future, love, freedom, opportunities, and community. Through personal home-made videos and photographs, the director reflects on what it means to be young and queer in Tunisia. It draws attention to the still existing article 230 brought by the French colonizers to criminalize homosexuality, with hopes for a better future. From fear to uncertainty this film creates an intimate and touching story, a personal yet collective experience. 



Directed and photography: Mouaad el Salem  

Sound editing and mixing: David Chaloiti

Music: Huda Asfour

Line producer: Nour Al Amal

Promotion & distribution: Philippe Cotte, Florence Peeraer, Alice Riou

This film was developed in the framework of the CVB/SCAM writing workshop. With the support of Mophradat.

Festivals et prix



  • Lago Film Fest, Lago, IT -  Special Mention

  • Berlin Revolution Film Festival – Allemagne

  • Lisbon City Council x Doclisboa on Student Movements – Portugal

  • Arab wave new generation video – Suisse

  • Lago Film Fest – Italie

  • L’Age d’or - Cinematek de Bruxelles – Belgique

  • Les inattendus – France

  • Queers in shorts - Cambridge Arts Picturehouse – Angleterre