For over 20 years now, the Coup2Pouce project has brought together groups of citizens from all walks of life in Brussels. Its success can be measured by the bi-monthly television show, 26’, broadcast on the regional Brussels-Capital TV channel, BX1. It is a rich melting pot of experiences and diversity, where work processes are driven by collective intelligence and, as the TV programmes show, by the experiences and life stories of each and every one. All the participants pool their knowledge and share it in a collective voice.

Coup2Pouce aims to foster encounters and freedom of expression within a collective that cares about expressing their opinion on the challenges our modern society faces and sharing it with the widest possible audience, particularly in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Participants explore themes such as sustainable consumption, the over-sexualisation of society, the legacy of the colonial past, ecology, the school system, otherness, etc. These are challenges we face every day, without necessarily questioning them. A collective approach enables the participants to share their creative imagination, as the filming process requires them to exchange ideas, bring their thoughts together and jointly build a narrative around the way in which they live and dream in Brussels, but also around the society in which they evolve. The positive impact of the work processes on the members of the group (self-confidence, solidarity, openness to others, accepting otherness, working capacity and methods, open-mindedness, awareness of individual and collective challenges, creativity – the list is endless) is profound and plain to see.

We welcome any citizen who wants to share a collective adventure to Coup2Pouce, whatever their life story, and no previous experience is required! The wealth of life stories and experiences participants bring is what nourishes our work and shapes how we deal with the themes explored. But it also offers an in-depth experience of diversity in an understanding context, which can then be used in a creative manner.



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